Air Denizot

French company specialising in aerial application

The company’s headquarters are located in France, 120 km south east of Paris. This site houses our administrative services as well as a 1500 m2 workshop approved by the French Civil Aviation Authority where our experienced field mechanics repair and service our fleet of aircraft.

The company is certified for the application of crop protection products. We therefore undertake to strictly adhere to manufacturer’s instructions and the legislation in force in the countries of application, guaranteeing optimum efficiency and precision dosing.

Ancien logo d'Air Denizot, JMD Aviation, DGTA et TAC


Created in 1972 by Robert Denizot, the company R. Denizot was developed under the management of Jean-Marc Dardoize - Groupe JMD Aviation - with bases in French Guyana (DGTA), in Guadeloupe (Travaux Aériens des Caraïbes - TAC), and in Africa. In 2022, Damien Ringuedé leads the company, renamed Air Denizot.

Ecole de pilotage, maintenance d'aéronefs et travaux aériens

7 rue de l'Aérodrome | Aérodrome de Pont-sur-Yonne | 89140 Gisy-les-Nobles

Tél. +33 386 67 06 40