Research and development

Development of aerial spraying technologies

Our pilots and field mechanics are constantly working to find practical solutions. They develop new technologies to improve the precision, efficiency and performance of our services. Air Denizot uses specialised tools that ensure targeted application and precision dosing to optimise the efficiency of the products we use. Our teams rely on state-of-the-art technology and harness our expertise and resources to develop new tools that are more practical, safer and more efficient.


This allows us to deliver more efficient applications whilst reducing the impact on the environment.


Development of spraying techniques

Given the complex nature of our work and the arrival of new technologies on the market, we regularly carry out our own tests and trials.


Our latest innovation is the creation of an automatic valve connected to the GPS which improves application precision.



Mobile sites

Installation can be done either in flight or in a container with a workshop and store which means we can be rapidly operational on-site.



Creation of airstrips

The PA25 allows us to create a laterite airstrip quickly and easily without the need for extensive resources.



Aerial imagery

In addition to our aerial crop spraying services we also offer high resolution aerial photography, either collected to assess crops or to provide orthoimagery for the georeferencing of parcels and to regularly monitor crops.


Photo: systems are fitted into aerial imaging pods installed on all our aircraft.


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