Aircraft maintenance

Mechanics, covering, welding and metal work

Our workshop located at the Gisy les Nobles airfield (North Bourgogne, 120 km south east of Paris) specialises in the servicing and maintenance of aircrafts. Fully equipped with specialised machinery and tools for aircraft maintenance, our experienced mechanics specialise in the restoration of tailwheel aircraft, their expertise including mechanics, covering, welding, sheet metal work, metal work and painting.


As a specialist in the PA25, we offer our maintenance services as a subcontractor to all types of aviation companies.


All work is done on quotation. Contact us for advice or information.

Our maintenance workshop for Piper PA25 aeroplanes

Ecole de pilotage, maintenance d'aéronefs et travaux aériens

7 rue de l'Aérodrome | Aérodrome de Pont-sur-Yonne | 89140 Gisy-les-Nobles

Tél. +33 386 67 06 40