Specialist in aerial application for your crops

With its fleet of 15 aircraft, Air Denizot is a specialist in aerial application, with a team of experienced pilots and mechanics expertly trained in the techniques of aerial crop spraying by aircraft and helicopter.

Based in Bourgogne, 120 km south east of Paris, at the Gisy les Nobles airfield, Air Denizot operates in Africa - Senegal, Chad, Congo, Gabon, Cameroon - and anywhere aerial application is required.



Air Denizot, expert du traitement aérien

The company

Created in 1973, Air Denizot provides expertise in aerial application and topdressing, with the application of crop protection products, fertilisers and ripening agents in Africa, French Guyana and Guadeloupe. About, our fleet, our team, learn more about Air Denizot



Aerial application

Air Denizot is a leading specialist in aerial crop spraying, for the controlled treatment of farms and plantations including sugar cane, rice, corn, bananas and soya beans.




With its expert knowledge and extensive experience of Pawnee PA 25 aircraft, Air Denizot offers its services in mechanics, metalwork, sheet metal work, welding and covering.

Our aircraft maintenance workshop.




Our ground crew continually work to develop new technologies to improve the precision, efficiency and performance of our services. We use specialised tools to ensure targeted application and precision dosing.

Air Denizot research and development.


Ecole de pilotage, maintenance d'aéronefs et travaux aériens

7 rue de l'Aérodrome | Aérodrome de Pont-sur-Yonne | 89140 Gisy-les-Nobles

Tél. +33 386 67 06 40