Aerial crop spraying

Increase efficiency with aerial application


Our fleet of aircraft operates in France and in Africa – in Congo, Gabon, Senegal, Chad and Cameroon.


Air Denizot is also experienced in operating in Guadeloupe and French Guyana. Our mobile aerial crop spraying system allows us to be rapidly operational anywhere in the world.



Aerial application is mainly used for crops of rice, corn, bananas, soya beans, sugar cane and fodder crops. It can be used to sow rice and apply crop protection products – solid fertilisers (60-250 kg/ha), liquid fertilisers (5-100 L/ha), herbicides (stubble), insecticides (corn borer) and fungicides.



Advantages of aerial application

Rapid response for urgent operations

The Air Denizot team is on hand to respond rapidly to your aerial application needs, whether it is urgent, punctual or on a regular basis. The flexibility of our operations means we are able to set up an airstrip anywhere, unrestricted by human or material resources. In one day of spraying, we are able to do the work of a dozen tractors with just one pilot and one plane, saving valuable time.

Precision application

GPS tracking guarantees controlled application and considerable precision. The products used are supplied by the farms in accordance with the norms in force in their country. Guidance and flow control technology reduce the amount of product used, increase performance and minimise the impact on the environment.



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